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No more begging, marching, or protesting.

We are nation builders and have been used as slaves to build nations for others….it’s time to build another nation of our own again.

[1].     There are 524 years of Biblical Wages (60 Trillion Dollars) of compensation with intrinsic value for stolen life and labor owed.   Every time we are at a news worthy event or protest; hold up a banner that read “60 Trillion Owed” in front of the camera.  You don’t have to shout it or say a word.  Just show banner to all that look your way.




Under spiritual law the Most High Creator will know we are asking for Devine intervention to collect reparations payment owed.    A Debt is Owed….it must be Paid.


[2].     Rechayahu Ben Harvey, one of the “awaken” highest ranking indigenous Afro Asiatic sovereign of “flesh and blood” of North America, descendants of the Afro Asiatic Paleo Hebrews that claimed the Americas 15,000-12,000 years ago, as stewards of the land of the Most High (Exodus 19:5).
His family still has possession of their 300+ acre homestead estate acquired before the 1776 Independence War and before the United States of America was created, a true sovereign.
Anbassador Rechayahu is also heir, assign, successor of an 1663 Royal Land Grant for the bottom third of North America, endowed in Royal Charter with legislative, judicial and police powers Absolute Authority over Royal Land Grant territory.


Land Grant consist of (36°30´ North Latitude is the northern boundary and 29° North Latitude is southern boundary – (Virginia/North Carolina state line) and south, by 29 degrees north latitude, (to present day Daytona, Florida) east, the Atlantic Ocean and West, by the Pacific Ocean.  


The area consist of present day North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Panhandle and northern Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,  north of New Orleans, Texas, north of Houston, Arkansas, Missouri, the hanging bottom corner-bottom point of Nevada, most of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and California below Stockton).  Royal land grants was accepted and registered 2012.


Ambassador Rechayahu wish to unite Indigenous People and Tribes of the Americas into an Confederation of Friendship upon indigenous ancestral lands, and provide safe refuge and National Statehood Protection under International Law for the “stateless” Negroes/Afro Descendant non-Citizen Nationals and “free Inhabitants ” of the “de jure” United States of America.


For those Covenant Holy Torah/Bible/MA’AT/Sumer Text keeping, God fearing, spiritual righteous, health & earth conscious men and women that have not betrayed their people (cooning), and wish for peace & justice.    Come out of the from the tentacles of Babylon and follow the laws of the Most High God; paradise awaits.    Manpower is needed to build this nation, but this time you will build as “free” men and women.


We must start policing our own communities and military enlistment for the protection of our borders, self-defense and to bring to justice those that have trespass against us.


There is an assassination plot against key officials to be averted.  There are subpoenas which have to be issued, there are perpetrators that have and are acting under “color of law” committing felonies that have to be accosted, sentenced and judged murder of unarmed and lawfully armed Negro/Afro Descendants.   There are foreign troops on American soil getting ready to move (Martial Law) against the American people unlawfully for a corporate federal municipal government whose authority and power is “geographical restricted” to the District of Columbia, and not beyond, (see 1787 Constitution for United States of America, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17; The Residency Act of 1790; The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871; The Organic Act of 1878. )   A rogue and tyrannical “foreign controlled” municipal government who has been masquerading as the vacant and defunct “National Government” that cease to exist March 27, 1861 (155 years ago)   A rogue and tyrannical government that does not have authority on (Exodus 19:5) native/indigenous Negro/Afro Descendant’s land, or, Sovereign Land Grant (1663 Charter of Carolina) private property, that must have their hired foreign troops disarmed and munitions confiscated.  There are corporations that have been fleecing the people that must be shut down.   There is an immediate for our Military and Law Enforcement personnel…..go to career page and sign up now……


We need to start dispensing Justice based on Mosaic Law.
Fare wages paid daily, as the scriptures (Deuteronomy 24:15) demands, awaits you.    Currently there are careers opportunities with the new Government for:
First Responders
IT Professionals
Infrastructure Architects
Ambassador Rechayahu has in the Government Treasury, the equivalent of 550 billion dollars of electronic currency, as a derivative of precious metals, backed by gold, silver or platinum, to be used as seed money to start this nation off.
Now you can buy food, pay bills, buy items with gold.
Citizenship is available to all native and indigenous Negroes/Afro Descendants whose ancestors were born here in the Americas prior to 1861 Civil War.
Immediate need is for policing and military for self defense…..and other occupations
starting at $15/hr…….hiring 1 million candidates now!…..send resumes..


NOTE****   (On March 27, 1861 seven southern States walked out of Congress leaving the entire legislative Branch of Government without quorum. The Congress of the ” de jure ” Constitution was dissolved for inability to disband or re-convene. The Republican form of Government, which the People were guaranteed – ceased to exist. Out of necessity to operate the Government, President Lincoln issued Executive Order No. 2. in April 1861, the reconvening Congress at gunpoint in Executive, emergency, (martial-law-rule jurisdiction 1861-2016)) The “National Government” of the “de jure” Republic of the United States of America has never been constitutionally nor lawfully re-convened or re-established, by the “required Article 5 Convention of the States”, per the Constitution for the United States of America.